G. Pezzano, Debitori (e creditori) a vita. Per una morfologia del debito (e del credito)

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The paper proposes a morphological interpretation of the question of the debt in its intrinsical relationship with the credit. Morphology is conceived as the theory of the genesis of the form (formation), which offers an innovative and fruitful point of intersection and interaction between human and natural sciences. From a biological point of view, the “human form” lives an open dialectic between lack and excess, neoteny and progenesis that characterizes his evolution; debt-credit should be then interpreted as the mutual relationship (munus) which expresses the generic and relational nature of human animal. This munus is made at the same time of incapacity and capacity, and it is not mono-, neither a-, but rather pluri-morphic: it is declined in various forms, from the political and the ethical to the economical etc. Thus, moving from the consideration of the (wo)man as zoon allotriomenon and according both to Western and Eastern thought, I claim that we need to redefine the form of the individual as a social process of individualisation and selfflourishing.

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