L. Bruna, Il circolo debito-credito come forma di dominio. Economia e morale nel romanticismo politico

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The intention of my essay on the history of political thought is to show the conflicting nature of the debt-credit relationship. This critical description of Adam Müller’s economical thought aims un draw out the metaphysical implications of romanticism: using definitions of economical and moral concepts such as property, money and credit, it is possible to describe the link between debtor and creditor as a circle. The critical interpretation of romanticism suggested by “negative thought” (Walter Benjamin) helps demonstrate the universalism and subjectivism marking the structure of this figure: the circular and horizontal shape of the relationship was suggested by romanticism, with the intention to make it able to dissolve its components in its own universal medium, but in fact it hides the permanence of a vertical trancendence, and results in being permeated by disorder.